What did [ phenomena ] God first see?

In a world of apparent universal truth, it appears we have omitted the basic fact that all life, all phenomena is localized. There is no spooky action at a distance, unless you feel that the laws of the universe are acting from some far distant location, the near infinite past.

Knowing this, it calls into question laws of physics. What is a law? How is it that phenomena can hold true to an experience so consistently that mankind asserts that there is a universal truth?

Where did this law come from such that the universe settled into a uniform set of consistent behavior?

I don’t think it came from a where, nor from a time — basic mathematics forms the basis of reality, of all nature, but even then how is it that addition, subtraction, division and multiplication is so consistent? The answer lies in waves.

It is an interference pattern that creates the phenomena that is addition, the same for subtraction, the same for division and multiplication. An interference pattern of measure, as I do not ask if there is a God or not… I ask, what did God first see? What was the first measure?

We live in a world of dimensions, Einstein went down the route of vectors but he refrained from sharing what he alluded to in his Ideas and Opinions. He had not yet assembled the math because it is the operators that have not yet been invented yet within mathematics to go beyond functions back to the roots of math itself. 

We only understand 3% of the universe’s estimated energy and matter because we do not yet have the math to calculate the measures. Since we do not have that yet, we cannot recognize the basic physical properties of phenomena that exhibits the ability to measure new energies and matter.

The observer is the ruler, it is the measure whereas the object is what is measured. It is entirely plausible that just as with education, both sides need to be understood together at the same time. The ability to comprehend a observation and the observed must coexist within an intellect in order to comprehend and thus discover and apply.

When the student is ready, the master appears.

– Ch’an Proverb

Pivoting Mathematics proposes that an equation itself is part of phenomena itself, it is not a law nor a theory, it is neither abstract, nor concrete, it is not both and it is not neither. An equation is beyond — an equation is just like all phenomena, it is.

I ask again, what did God first see?

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