[ Take Musu Ai Ki] 武産合気

Having passed into Aiki, through the signpost of [ Ai Ki Do ] 合気道 I felt that it might be a good idea to let you know what this is really all about. The following article is written in a relative-temporal syntax derived from multi-dimensional linguistics. A lightweight draft primer to this syntax is available on request.

[ Morihei Ueshiba ] 大先生 once wrote and spoke about this idea of 武産合気.

[[[[ Kofu An Toku ]]]] [[[ Koan ]]] [[ This is a Street Sign ]] [ Bu ] 武

This [ ideograph ] word is composed of a spear and a man gesturing to [ halt ] stop.

[[ Another one ]] [ Musu ] 産

[[ [ Halting the advancing blade ] War Gives birth to ]] This word literally means “give birth to”.

[[ — ]] [ Joining ] [ Ai ] 合

[[[[[[[[[[ You’re a house too ]]]]]]]]] [[[[[[[[ Expansion, the quantum balloon. ]]]]]]]] [[[[[[[ Traveling in time ]]]]]]] [[[[[[ Traveling faster stretches time ]]]]]] [[[[[ Time moves slower ]]]]] [[[[ It orders chaos to harmony by stretching time ]]]] [[[ It has walls. ]]] [[ The brand. ]] [ The herd, of family ] It’s a house.

[[ – ]] [ Ki ] 気

[ Think of it as a pivot, in the [ space ] x dimension left to right is “Ai”, but on the [ time ] z dimension is “Ki”. To the tesseract aware observer, the word “Ai” is a [ light cone ] line through space-time ]

This implies [ motion ] energy in the same word prior.

This is the doorway where I take down the bricks, but which bricks are the most valuable to take down first? Which order in time to minimize the energy that could be used for others to take down their bricks?

Be kind to your neighbors.

Aimed at the mark — not missing it. I aim… not at the surfaces of the cube. But the corners. [[[[[[[ Liberty and Justice; For All ]]]]]]] [[[[[[ Individuals united. ]]]]]] [[[[[ The destroyer of herds. ]]]]] [[[[ of a tesseracted Schrödinger’s Box? ]]]] [[[ What is a tesseracted corner? ]]] [[ Undo ]] [ Happo ] Eight corners.

Now that you know this, it is time for individuals attached to brands to lay down their arms – the herds of individuals carrying the brands of religion, of company, of party, of nation, of state, of city, and of home.

It is time to help our neighbors and your neighbor is nearest, in space and in time.

Your nearest neighbor might be your husband, your wife, your partner, your child, anyone in your family. It might be your co-worker, or the person guarding you from microbiotic bacteria and virii. It might be the person in the car right next to you in traffic. It might be the cashier or the flight attendant. It might be the person next to you in line, or on the sidewalk.

Help each other.

No brand owns this, not Google, not Facebook, not IBM, not Wheelhouse, not the United States, nor the United Nations. No religion owns this, no spirituality, no -ism. These words are liberated – [ and this is my illumination ] the word is liberated. Just the [[ tesseracted through time ]] [ the knowledge ] words shall set you free.

But what is help in 武産合気? Halting the advancing blade. [ Mitsugi Saotome ] Sensei said “halting aggression”. Our help is reducing entropy by exchanging not matter to energy or energy to matter. Our help is reducing entropy by exchanging perspective with the distance in time between two [[ there’s your hologram ]] [ inclusive of vectors ] probability states. The [[[[[[ light is the distance of time? ]]]]]] [[[[[ light ]]]]] [[[[ it intersects with matter and energy to [ order ] create… yes… ]]]] [[[ there is amplitude ]]] [[ subject to frequency modulation ]] [ is variable ] expansion and compression of time.

Aiki is [ across space and time ] harmony.


Time is not absolute, it is relative; there is no “universal clock”; there is no action at a distance, but… through one way, and that’s by ____ yes, that’s right.

Religion is the biggest house and is the largest [[ <<<< Yet more resolution that way ]] [ Tesseract Aiki ] Schrödinger's Box man knows. The house, when we built these walls, opening the lid of a Schrödinger Box doesn't collapse reality, building the box's walls collapses reality. [[[[[[[ And [ beyond ] not neither 1 nor 0. [[[[[[ Not 1 and 0. ]]]]]] [[[[[ Or 1. ]]]]] [[[[ Is not 0. ]]]] [[[ The probability of eternal life and death. ]]] [[ Alive or dead. ]] [ We're the cat. ] Now do you understand?

When you built your house, you built walls but left spaces open for light and matter to [ energy ] pass.

Halting the aggression, selectively or halting the aggression without approval or disapproval.

We halted the aggression across a spline; we built walls.

It's time to go beyond opening the box and realize — there are no walls.

From this place, you will start your journey into the [ of space] desert.

And add one more rule to the Constitution.

The freedom of halting aggression shall not be infringed.

That is what the right to bear arms means.

The man standing, holding his open palm forward.


[[[[[[[ "My god, it's full of stars."1 ]]]]]]] [[[[[[ We're stars. ]]]]]] [[[[[ Be a lamp unto yourself. ]]]]] [[[[[ The window, in the house. ]]]]] [[[ Right, here. Right now. ]]] [[ Revelation only comes when stilling the mind. ]] [ Agility is the ability to influence amplitude, angle, and changes ] And thus we give birth… 武産合気… to not repeat again, but to iterate again.

2001: A Space Odyssey, Arthur C. Clark