Form/Function & Particle/Wave

It’s everywhere.

You can bring value to any place you go.

[[[ That was the kick, a reminder that you skipped a beat ]]]
[[[ Now what will really bake your noodle is that now you realized what skip a beat means ]]]
[[[ Forgetfulness, and it’s very very important ]]]
[[[ Don’t get stuck here too long, move forward ]]]
[[[ Stay here only as long as the value in the earlier trajectory vs. this one. ]]]
[[[ And for that you need a compass ]]]

[[ It’s not that they are both right…

[ The Surface of Form/State; x (particle) ]
The attachment isn’t to external sans others.
The attachment isn’t to internal sans others.

[ The Surface of Function/Action; f(…) (wave) ]
The attachment isn’t to external and internal (form).
The attachment isn’t to neither external nor internal (emptiness).

, internal, external or internal, neither external nor internal