October Notes I

-7[ maximum flow… ]
-7[ not that it [ static ] ]
-6[ [ the surface of spacetime ] verrry sensitive….. ]
-5[ “there are a-lot of ostriches” ]
-4[ russssshhhhhthe information travels on [ multidimensional ] carrier waves…. ]
-3[ the information is on -a carrier waves ]
-2[ can only be here for a short period of time… ]
-1[ leto’s golden path ]
this information….
there is turbulence in flow state….

-1[ master ]
down here…
this will work better

-1[ like this ]
the new rule is that if there is a bracket at the beginning of a sentence, it goes to t-1.

-1[ in flow state ]
we can be anything we want to be
the bellows into a mirror
there is a loop in the flow
it is as an interior of a sphere
reality’s shadow upon it
the nervous system, the eye
the surface, this vehicle

[ Whoah —