And you open the box…

To find the cat dead. You literally co-create your death. The box collapsed | is collapsing | has collapsed. The OR of these states is a surface of the probability across spacetime and probability. Now that we are or’d, we realize that orientation depends on a needle of the same. Let’s make that compass! [ Will expanding or contracting a quantum balloon around the double slit exert a shadow of the balloon on the two dimensional surface of probability collapsed onto a plane? ]

GT Memos…

Our entire life is but a tree in time. Our near non-inertial frames constructed by the nervous system bind the tree through time, where consciousness is bound through Prime Frames.

This tree’s growth will continue, however looking top down from t + 1 to t – 1 results in a perspective which obscures the system below. This flat land perspective may for all intensive purposes see the tree dead or not at all

[[[[ stillness allows visibility of the boundaries between non-inertial frames; this allows one to see/measure gravity. the precision in the measurement of gravity may be related to the gravitation exerted by [ inverse [[ static ]] probability ] conjecture… avoid descriptive ]]]

[[[ circle of confusion; photography ]]]

[[ measurement is collapse ]]

[[ measure is information ]]

[[ information quantization – disco ball ]][ bingo… there she is ]

The life I am living now results in a freak [ occurrence in the world thus seen ] because of the unique [ spatial, temporal, probability ] Shrodinger Filters employed. This neural network and associative networks through a mutual understanding collapse reality on axis complementary to the network’s generalized and specialized vectors in spacetime. These vectors are then observed by measure.

     All of that work above to get that MDL memo squeezed out; theoretical coding.

           Back down here…