Liberated, I Walk Through All Herds

So I have written much in my life and recently have written and explored political activities in light of the 2016 United States Election. There are so many opinions in the Realm of Public Opinion, some crystallized, some malleable, some barely resonating. One thing, however is certain, there are many herds lifting high their brands high, in what appears like war. This has compelled me to write and I figured that I’d take a risk and write this, right here, right now.

Liberated, we travel freely through all herds. This ability to travel freely is the basis for agility. Agility is the foundation for all activity, whether it is business, personal or deeply spiritual. Most of my teachers have been tremendously agile at entering and [ for a period of time ] enjoining with not only an individual, but a herd of individuals, and now herds of individuals. Without this ability, our mind remains stuck on the scope, the description, the stereotype of an experience — a stereotype crystallized into Public Opinion — your opinion. Quite literally, this stereotype obscures the reality of probable diversity by opening Shrodinger’s Box and finding the cat alive or dead. By shutting the box — we expand probability and can, for a moment, enter the shoes of another and explore The Herd.

So, if you bare with me, I will demonstrate:

> white supremacist

Some think, a solution.

> to what?

A Problem.

[ what problem? ]

Not sure, there are probabilities, open box?

[ yes

[[ Perhaps they want to live in a neighborhood of supreme people?

[ what’s a supreme person?

[[ There are probabilities, open box?

[ yes

– wise, compassionate, loving, generous, mindful [ Ctrl + Break ]

– … [ Escape ]

how could you think that they are the only ones that could [ Ctrl + Break ]

That’s not a very good solution, what’s the solution?

> Close the box.

What problem does closing the box solve?

> You discovered the problem inside the box of a solution, you bring it outside the box and close the original box and then increase the resolution of the senses evaluating the problem, after doing so, you open the box to find a solution. 

> Now knowing what a superior man is, you close the box of the white supremacy solution and open the box to the happiness problem that you now know involves the want to live in a world of supreme beings.

But appears everyone wants that, the religious want to migrate to a promised land, the blacks want a better life, the feminists want equal statistics measurements of pay, wealth and power. Some think we cannot be supreme beings, and that there is only one. 

> Move freely amongst all herds.

> What do you want?

Just this.