[ Engima’s Fall of a Rebel Angel; The Die is Cast ]
The song plays,
   [ there’s no turning back, in the song ]
   sensei the disciple of o’sensei said, “you must sharing your opinion more”
      the die is cast.
      shamar rinpoche said, “you must share with the others”
         [[ behind… come follow me… ]
         [[ the path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom… ]
         [ … you need a place to hide, i’m on your side… ]
         [ it is time to cross the river to glory land… ]
         [ when you’re there, you’ll see, that’s the place you want to be… ]
         [ open up the windows of your mind… ]
         [ … leave your fears behind… ]
         loughan the ceo said, “you only do what others tell you to do,
         it’s time for you to show them what to do.”