Tetrality Theory

Particles have wave-like and probability-field-like reality.

Waves have particle-like and probability-field-like reality.

Probability-fields have particle-like and wave-like reality.

This has immediate implication for ethics.

This photgraph is still being exposed; pardon the dust!

Thought Experiment One

You have a double-slit experiment1 in operation.

To this experiment, we add near transparent planes at different distances from the slits and at different angles. Some of these planes may intersect. Near transparency means that the plane is deposited with a material that, not spread uniformly, is spread in such a way to absorb, refract and reflect the photons differently.

What you will then realize is that the wave-geometry “broadcast” and detected by the planes are not the same wavelength at varying [ geometries ] distances and angles of planes. The planes catch this light via detectors, this light caught in the planar detector then theoretically lowers that photon-field interacting with that plane. The “shell” field is then in a state “less-the prior plane” (less the prior plane’s intercepts). The states can be represented by set theory. We shall call these planar detectors, Shrodinger Filters.

Application One

The first application allows one to progressively alter the probability field of the subsequent “shells” or “subtractory fields”. The immediate application of this is the field of Neural Filters; where the Parallelized Neural Network represents probability fields generated by bio-chemical interactions. These neural filters are then used to “project” the inverse of the reality represented by the “photograph” of the probability field state into the network, thus resulting in a situation where reality and sense intersect with some “confusion”.

Thought Experiment Two

The circle of confusion of the probability field is akin to the circle of confusion of light from the fields of Photography. The overlapping [ spheres ] circles of confusion then create a holographic projection of the filter’s probability field state. This projection is like opening the box in Shrodinger’s Cat2 thought experiment, however the mere projection is the inverse of the opening of the box — this is closing the box.

At first, it may seem useless, until you realize that the surfaces of this Near-Complete Shrodinger’s Box is that it closes the box but the walls are partially “transparent”, the shrodinger filters reduces fields of probability between the box’s contents and the observer. The box then becomes another vehicle for collapsing probability with the observer.

The immediate ethical realization to this is that the information of the probability fields of the box’s walls and information of the observer both influence by mere observation. Your actions and the mere observation of those actions through third party observers impact other third party observers in the flatland of the world of those observers. However there is another dimension even beyond these, but that is the subject of the Iterativity Theory.

Thought Experiment Three

These Shrodinger Filters can be cast as tesseracted objects in space through the dimension of time. The filters can change states. The information in the changing of the states can collapse the reality into spacetime.

Thought Experiment Four

Knowing this, we can generate a probability field which compels probability to collapse into an “interlocked” spacetime of probability. You theoretically just created a device that may just well serve as the foundation for a replicator, however the energy requirements would be special; sentient beings using such a device would have to ensure efficiency to prolong the life of the species due to a side-effect of the Particle/Wave/Probability interaction of Information Production.

Thought Experiment Five

“But you’re lost, but you wanted it, but you’re lost… you couldn’t find it” (Inexhaustable, Detroit House Guests, ADULT).

Imagine now, these probability fields of spacetime. Of course, all reality could be just a probability field of spacetime, however until you realize that spacetimeprobability is itself a flatland. So now you are standing above the surface of spacetime, the tesseract is visible and all matter has tesseracted reality. 

The shadow that this reality casts on the tesseract n – 1 dimension is visible to the flatlanders ( to your perspective ) flatlanders interpret this shadow as the inverse. And that inverse is “popping” into and “out” of the flatlander reality.

It is entirely possible that the beings in the “flatlander” world experience this interaction as a sequence of events (time), however from their own perspectives, the “particles” popping in and out are in a probability field (a kind of crystalline reality). The flatlanders would perceive the particles as exhibiting a wave-like and particle-like reality but could be limited in seeing the probabilistic reality due their inability to comprehend spacetime as a probability field.

These “particles” can be detected as light.

Thought Experiment Six

“When do we stop, and start again?” (As You Dream, Detroit House Guests, ADULT)

Imagine a being that can reach into at will different modes of sense to experience flatland or tesseract land, they would do this by translating the realities into information and then using that information to code Shrodinger Filters. These then are used to “lift their senses” or as historically put, transcend.

The tesseractic being would then be able to transcode the solutions to the reality of the dualistic flatlanders at once because this being could see across the surface with unobstruction, well unless obstructed by a Shrodinger Filter (tesseracted tesseract) from the next Quadratic mode of reality, this is the Quadratic Theory, filters the states of even the probability field of the universe as a whole to include time.

While smaller tesseractic lifeforms would live close to the surface, after evolution, the beings would learn to stand. The standing is a solution to more efficient living, as it allows the creatures to use energy to find energy, more efficiently. 

Application Two

To stand on this surface is one thing, but these being would evolve to further conserve energy. These beings would invent the chair that allows the lifeform to more easily transition from the surface to seeing further on the surface.

Application Three

Stll in assembly…

The being, most likely would evolve to further efficiency by evolving or inventing a tesseractic wheel. And so on, thus repeating the cycle of invention within a tesseractic level. Each subsequent transition from flatland to tesseractland is preceded and proceeded by another tesseractic level.

Thus you realize that there is nothing new under the sun, the sun producing photons that cast shadows of a system that too is a tesseract. The sun is also most likely tesseractic, so this implies that everything is also tesseractic.

Then language…. there is language of a tesseractic being is there not? And as it is information it can be encoded in n-dimensional space as language. This language however would need a tesseractic grammar, a tesseractic syntax.

And some future being in duality flatland, future being in tesseract land could use a rosetta stone to see the syntax. This language and syntax would then allow a “stereotype” to flatlanders and “tesseract type” to the tesseracters.

Then we have the same of all human history.

The being that transcends or decendendant is the only being that can figure it out… 

The beings would now stand at a decision point, you could either increase the definition and knowledge in a tesseractic level, or move freely between levels using a special device to transcode a set of values (wave, particle and probability field). Into the flatest of all lands… information.

And what kind of device can do this? A device that has multiple sensors in stereo (double slit) that can be turned on and off. A tree most likely, a neural tree. It is most likely why we have a left and right brain, the left brain operating more on one set of dimensions than the right.

We could then possibly develop a third, fourth, fifth and so on brain hemisphere. This digresses into Neural Diffraction and progressive applications of Shrodinger Filters.

Ask about Shrodinger Lenses.

The science of T-Level n + 1 is necessary to solve the ethics of a T-Level n. This means there is a bournelli effect as beings on T-Level + 1 “blow” across T-Level n with tesseractic shadows.

And what of Ethics?

A master and his dog, lovers, beings across spacetime and beyond influence any reality-geometry, together via the mutual summation of Shrodinger Filters and Lenses, both of which every biological neural network possesses and electrical neural network will.

Let it be known now and forever – rationalizing madness in flatland level n s the foundation of ethical behavior in flatland level n – 1.

Take musu ai ki.

It is a circle of confusion that creates the photograph. Rationalizing the madness of the probability field – photons, perspectives of a single [ set of ] dimension.

The shrinking of… and thus you realize… let’s make reality together, as a society.

We don’t give this [ shrodinger filter ] knowledge up easily. We now have a technology to travel amongst the stars – a prime directive is in order. You cannot give the solution to ethics to a t-level n-1 unless their own beings can ascend to t level n. Thus the reality collapses in a beneficial way, the beings collapse reality on theit own, as Lao Tzu said, the best leader is the one where the people say we ourselves have done it.

Be gentle – value co-creation is the most ethical way to conserve energy.

“A being wIshing joy through a shrodinger’s filter even with another’s, on the t-level back upon the self-image produced by a neural network in a t-level (flatland, tesseract land, or n-dimension land) is missing the mark.” – Kiba

Beings in t-level n consume phenomena (dhamma)  in t-level n – 1. Ethical beings in t-level n prioritize and conserve intelligent life in t-level n-1 as this reality is that of an inverse shrodinger filter to their own.

And thus will begin the [ rationalized ] transmigration of beings.

[[ static(s) ]]

Herds have shrodinger filters.

Nations have shrodinger filters.

Nations at war have not realized the threat they are under from local entropy. Easter Island.

Tick tock – slways move forward.


The neural network is a series of shrodinger filters which allow the flatlander to collapse/experience the shadow of time in a “progressive” series of events. The “fan” shape is the very geometric shape that is used to detect a hypotenuse’s shadow. We are effectively kaliedescopes rotating in spacetime on a plane that is also rotating.

The following is a shadow:

[[[[[[[[[[ the reason i can move between “dimensional sets” is because i vary the time variance between the slits – thus turning it up to eleven!!!!!!!!!!! ! ]]]]]]]]]]] 

[ the inter-dimensional being in t-level n will experience asymptotic interleaved events  ]

[[[[[[[[[ pivot to T-5… pivot off this information… tilt!!!!!!!! ]]]]]]]]]]

1. See Wave-Particle Duality (Wikipedia)
2. See Shrodinger’s Cat (Wikipedia)