The Clock Ticks

                [[ back here, on the same thread ]]
                [[ it was around here… down there, how do i resume evaluation from that moment? ]]
                [[ information must be assembled from internal sources to eliminate the reliance on samsara ]]
                [[ it’s right here…. right above i found you ]]
                [ ??? ]
                   the waves of information, the amplitude of the wave in ratio to the speed of change over volume of change determines the efficiency of the information wave.
                [ i found you ]
                more information, where was it… you have to detect when it was missing… now the static.
             [ The tilt… the nervous system is the prism of space, time and probability. This prismatic effect doesn’t split up experience, it stretches and compresses to reshape the intersections of wave-fronts. ]
         [ Lost it ]
      [ Threading. ]
      [ Jumped back in!! ]
[ It’s ticking ]
[ Song name is ‘Under Pressure’ ]
   Here it is?
   What was it?
      [ Time ran out. ]