The Fall

[ don’t be shy… don’t comply1 ]
[ don’t fall prey… break away… say nooooo…1 ]
pride cometh before the fall…9
congratulating yourself…2
lucifer fell because he [ wished joy to ] congratulated6 [ the image7 of ] himself.
   [[ it’s your life…1 ]]
   [ dare to be free…1 ]
   no man is an island8
      [[ “emptiness is a disease…”3 ]]
      [[ emptiness is form… form is emptiness4 ]]
      [[ ignorance is forgetting that there is cessation5 because there is emptiness … ]]
      [[ ignorance is forgetting that pleasure, pain and calm are all endured5. ]]
      [ interjection ]
      [ … to throw between ]
      [ … at last i believe i’ll be found … ]
      there is cessation of suffering…
there’s got to be a way out of here…3
      naming your favorite songs, all you need is love love love. the real thing is not for sale. all you can get is a replica. so what do you do here?3
         i regret you’ve lost all faith in being found… i’m only a clown, you must go to the lake and throw your image into the water.3
            kiba says here we go…

[[ I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.15 ]]
[ don’t eat the marshmallow12 ]
all that time, could have been used for something more beneficial
these drafts are pyramids of language, context and understanding
how do you expect me to show you?
   put your foot thirty degrees to the left, step this way?14
   emptiness is form, form is emptiness4
      let’s do the time-warp again!10
      we have the power to face the future11
         we are falling through time and space,
         like a leaf falling onto a stream,
         the wind blows across this nebula of neurons.
            [[[[[ Bodhi-Svaha; these are not heavens, this is the ability to “slip” into the stream of tilting through dimensional matrices without attachment ]]]]]
            [[[[[ “Like a monkey whose paw is stuck in pitch…”13 ]]]]]
            [[[[[ … Mara… ]]]]]
            [[[[ (T n4); gone really beyond ]]]]
            [[[ (T n3); gone beyond ]]]
            [[ their own iterative tesseract-lander (T n2); gone ]]
            [ the tesseract-lander (T n1); gone ]
            the flatlander
            lifted in spacetime, “dis-oriented” without a sense of up and down, in spacetime and probability, floating freely without direction, we have been lifted.
            … above all else avoid approval and disapproval…
               [[[ be a lamp unto yourself16 ]]]
               [[[ it is as a flame, gone out… extinguished… the cycle of birth, old age, sickness and death17… no more… ]]]
               [[[ the clock is ticking… ]]]
               [[[ [ unbinding19 ] always go forward ]]]
               [[ here we go! ]]
               [ like this. welcome. we haven’t much [ in this realm ] time [, lest we get stuck in the [[ sin[[[ – TILT! – ]]]king ]] pitch ]. ]
               [ kiba says… ]
               mara’s grasp is vast… how is the monkey freed from the pitch?

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