The Math

The mathematics of space-time is better suited to a kind of math that considers what I dub Pivoting Mathematics. The operators in math are unique in that they are not merely operators but a unit of exchange, the operator themselves imply measurement, which implies an observer whether it be physical or temporal. Let’s evaluate “1 + 1 = 2”.

1 + 1 = 2

We take for granted the addition and equals operators, but what today’s mathematician doesn’t see is that there is another side to the operator, it lies a different dimension.

This equation consists of two operators in the same dimension, but not so fast. What do I mean by dimension? Quite simply — the dimension here is the unit of measure the measures themselves are working on. Think of them as on a ruler, here the ruler is the number system itself. With this equation we have no dimension, it is undetermined. This is an Indeterminate Equation. Indeterminate equations are essentially dimensionless; without force, without measure, without affect or effect. That said, there are an infinite amount of indeterminate equations, yet when a single unit of measure is introduced to the equation, the magic of probability enters as the possibilities collapse into what can be supported by reality.

We are not as concerned with vectors in Pivoting Mathematics, we are concerned with something alluded to by our ancestors: emptiness.

It is important to understand this, it is pivotal.